Predators and Prey


Everywhere I go, everywhere I walk, I cannot escape the fact that the biggest life force on this world is predator and prey.
Where ever I look I`m constantly reminded of this deeply rooted force to survive a need to kill to eat. If you have a body it needs to be sustained. You have the spider and the fly, the bat and the moth, the bird and insect, I think you know what I am on about. I could go on and on naming hundreds of prey and predator with man being the biggest predator of all.
We hunt and eat virtually everything even insects and other humans, I suppose you could say that it’s the way of the world, and perhaps the Universe. Life on this world seems so complete; nature in its vast variety is ticking over quite nicely. Or is it! Everything looks good, but there`s a big "but".
My haunting thought is this, "But what preys on mankind"?
We litter this earth in our billions and by all accounts this number is increasing, and apart from accident and natural death we appear to have no major predator that feeds on us. Animals breed, in some case`s in their thousands, this is to ensure, because of predators, that at least some survive and the species carry`s on re-producing, thus keeping the eco-system intact and supplying food for another day. It’s a bit like us really, we breed in the billions, are we keeping a predator satisfied? I would not be surprised if you laughed out loud at that comment, but if you are open minded enough you just have to ponder that question especially if you consult the "Little Green Guy Book" put out by Gordon Duff. Here you have a range of entities supposedly frequenting earth for various reasons. In this book I noted there was about fifteen alien races more than likely involved in abductions, of those I think three feed on humans, others are listed as dangerous to humans, another harvests rodents and insects by their thousands and they are nocturnal, and yet another comes to earth for reasons unknown, but they gather what they want quickly and leave, they too are nocturnal?
Each year thousands upon thousands of people go missing, do most become food for an alien race? In the film, Signs, Aliens came to Earth to take humans for food. Through that film, is someone trying to tell us the truth, that there is a predator that keeps us in check? We cull animals, are we long overdue to be culled? Is that what animal mutilations are working up to?
The elite are supposedly wanting to reduce the population of Earth, have they done a deal with an Alien race? A race that eats humans, a contract to cull in a big way and while this cull takes place the chosen ones will take refuge in the underground bases, is that why there was a rush to build them? The internet tells us that the national grid is to be turned off in region 3 (whatever that means) in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, for two days which are Nov 13 & 14. They appear to have a good reason but I wonder how many people will disappear on those days? It was once said if we knew the truth we would turn white overnight, maybe so, but I personally would still like to know what that truth is.
For years I have roamed the countryside, in most cases on my own, I have also explored the Scottish wilderness, and thick woodland looking for signs of the paranormal, in some cases I have been successful but as yet I have not been abducted. But every time I go out I wonder if this will be the day that I do not return, will I be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Should abduction happen will I just be studied or will I be on the menu of an off world Gordon Ramsey?
For the moment I will call myself "Stupid" and try to be more careful, sitting on the fence looks like a good position at the moment ( but is not that another version of being dumbed down).

If only someone would tell us the truth.


I`m sitting here wondering if I have been stupid, firstly right up until the 12th Nov I have been reading on various web sites about the imminent Grid shut down in the USA and all the thoughts of utter mayhem that would follow. Well today I`m reading that its a "DRILL" all of a sudden I am seeing the word "Drill" everywhere which means no actual shut down, I looked on the news yesterday for reports on what I thought would be chaos in the US, I did not find any.

Now is this just down to fools on the internet getting everyone hyped up? If so why did the powers that be not inform the public by TV and Radio that it was just a drill and refute the web claims of a power turn off. Why did some of the better web sites not dispel the notion of power being turned of. Or did I bring this all on myself, did I see only what I wanted to see, or is it a case of "Chinese Stories", or did they want it like this? Do they, like one half of the population thinking the worst?

I cannot help thinking that with all the fear and threats put on the internet that its done for some psychological reason, its as though we are lifted up then let down day after day. Perhaps there are government agents that saturate the internet with what Richard Hoagland calls "Fear Porn" and I like many others have been stupid and fell for it. On the other hand we have Comet Ison coming up , we have untold amounts of "Fear Porn" put out about Ison, are we supposed to say " Take no notice of the doom and gloom about Ison, nothing will happen, nothing ever happens, it will fly by." So we carry on with our daily lives, then "BANG" we are hit by hundreds of small meteors.

Is that the idea, to keep us dumbed down till a special day arrives?
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