The Mutilation Phenomena

The saga of animal mutilations has been taking place for years and years, the attacks have  happened to just about every domesticated animal or pet you could think of, and there are probably many wild life mutilations attacks we never know about for obvious reasons. The big question about mutilations is " What? Why? Where? and When? The only part of that question we can answer is Where and When, the other part What did it? and Why? remain elusive and is open to speculation and theory.

While working in our garden it dawned on me that periodically I commit mutilations when I plunge my garden spade into the soil to plant potatoes, I without question,  with complete surprise and right out of the blue, cut worms and insects in two. It’s not intentional but unavoidable.  These garden mutilations take place certain times throughout the summer, during winter nothing happens. Now take the half cat phenomena for instants, why cats? Are we dealing with a human cause, which I find absurd , or an entity with a vile sense of humour a sort of cosmic joker, a plaguer of human kind that we are doomed to walk with for eternity without ever knowing or seeing this phenomena in person.

The worm in my garden knows not why it was cut into, but I do, it had nothing to do with the worm, it was cut into so I could plant potatoes. The worm was innocent and just got in the way, I`m not saying this is why cats are cut into, but could the reason be only for the mutilator to understand.

Some people cite UFO`s as being the cause of animal mutilations and there is some good evidence to back up the theory, Jacques Vallee may not have had animal mutilations in mind when he was interviewed in 2010 by George Knapp about his attempts to make UFO contact, but the words he uses begs the question are we indeed dealing with the animal mutilator, here is what he had to say:-   
"In the 1990s I tried to create a sort of official thing like the ranch in UTAH (Skinwalker Ranch) This was of course before the events at the ranch. I tried to create a hotspot of information where I was hoping to sort of attract the phenomena to be able to record it better. And it did not give me the results I was hoping for. It’s not something you can just decide to engage in. At least I have not found a way to do it. But it’s worth continuing to try because there seems to be a form of consciousness that is behind it that is extremely subtle, has a great sense of humour, and is completely ruthless".
The word "Ruthless" brings to mind a many phenomena Abductions, Missing Time, Missing People, Mutilations, all manner of Entities and things that go Bump in the Night. But I believe there are not many phenomena, there is only one, and that is the consciousness Jaques Vallee speaks of and for whatever reason it expresses itself in many different ways. I suppose in a sense its telling us we do not have total control over this world; it can do whatever it wants when it wants. It can move into your house for 24-hours and haunt you stupid or it can mutilate an animal or run in front of your car on a dark stormy night, its actions are many but only one entity is responsible.

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