Hundreds of cats missing in Ipswich UK

Ipswich residents in the UK have taken in hand their problem of local cats disappearing. A map has been designed which shows the scale of the vanishings and has been handed to the local police. Our original article on this problem can be seen at Spine Chilling Injuries and Missing Cats.

As more people coming forward to report other cats that have gone strangely missing, the scope of the problem has increased dramatically, leaving pet owners fearful for their own pets' safety.

Founder of the Ipswich Missing Cats group, said: 
“After meeting with all admin, we have new developments in the pipeline. Firstly, we are going to apply for charity status, so the pledge for a reward fund can begin in earnest. We will also have a website up and running soon and plans to run a neighbourhood watch scheme to keep a lookout on cats across Ipswich."
Engma Earth wants to warn everyone that this problem is not just materializing in Ipswich. It has been happening for years all over the world and has only now just become so noticeable that people are waking up to the phenomenon. As noticed in other locations, the problem will soon lesson as the season proceeds towards winter. Vanishings either decrease or move on to a new area during the cooler weather.  

Ipswich residents believe that humans are responsible for the spate of vanishings and torture. This view is not shared by Enigma Earth. We believe that the cats who appear to have been tortured are actually the cats who fought for their life and won, the torture signs being the battle scars. Where ever they have been held they have endured the fight of their life, likely amongst hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other cats, all held in tight conditions consisting of blind fear and excreta with a heat source hot enough to singe  whiskers.

To those who have had their cats return please tune in to an animal communicator as this may be our only chance to find out what really happened.

This article can be read here:

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