Unacknowledged Missing Cats in Grinstead UK

"A MAN who believes he saw a deadly cobra crossing a footpath outside Queen Victoria Hospital fears recent cases of missing cats could be linked to the reptile." 

This is the statement made by a resident who inadvertently bent closer to the dangerous snake for a better look and then decided to grab the tail to see its markings. When the snake reared up and “spread what looked like a hood” around its head he suddenly panicked and stood stock still. He didn't think that the snake was dangerous because it was in Britain. 
He said: "I’m just worried because there have been a lot of missing cat posters up in this area recently and I’m thinking maybe they have been dinner for this snake. And I haven’t seen any rats or mice recently either thinking about it."
A prominent snake enthusiast has offered to help hunt down the snake to identify it.

He added that "fear of the snake eating local cats, which have been reported missing, is very unlikely, as king cobras tend to eat other snakes and small rodents like rats and mice."
The fact is if a cobra could kill and eat a cat it would not want to eat again for couple of weeks so that does not account for the high numbers of missing cats.

Although a large number of people will believe that the reptile is entirely responsible for the local missing pets the newspaper article actually acknowledges that Grinstead UK is another city experiencing an explosion of cats that have vanished without bodies - a phenomena experienced in many parts of the world.

So where are our cats?

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