Fear of Living

There is a full page in the newspaper telling us of the toxins we live with. It says from the food we eat to the furniture we sit on, the average person comes into contact with 80,000 untested chemicals a year. 

They list 4-chemicals as example, Aluminium, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead, these chemicals are in our food and household items. 
Aluminium is found in: Make-up foundation & eye shadow, Aspirin, antidepressants & antacids, Black tea, Processed cheese, Baking powder, Cake mix, bread, Tin cans containing acidic food such as tomatoes, infant formula and even air particles.
They then tell you about the health risks and how to cut your exposure. What amazes me is we are forced to consume most of the items of food listed due to our need to eat to survive. Cadmium is found in drinking water, how on earth can you avoid Cadmium if it comes through your tap! In a dry continent like Australia the householder is encouraged to connect a tank and collect rainwater for personal use. However, that water must only be used to flush down the drain because it is classed as unhealthy to consume. So how can a sewage treatment plant produce consumable water? Would you believe what you are told?

To me this is another page of fear; there is not a lot we can do about the food we eat or the cleaning items we use, most of us are forced by income to take the cheaper and probably unhealthy brands. We are told to eat more seafood`s then we are informed this is also a source of Cadmium and Mercury. So now we told to eliminate fish from our diet! 

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. 

They want us to use energy saving light bulbs but because of the Mercury content this article say`s to shun them. We are being pushed and pulled in every direction and all that is generated is Fear and worry. The page I talk of has the title "What's your Poison" and underneath is a nicely placed black skull and cross bones, they even tell us because of a build-up of these chemicals in our bodies more people in their fifties are coming down with cancer. What a wonderful article to start you day with. 

Why is this article aimed at the general public, should it not be more directed towards the manufactures to get them to eliminate these chemicals from our food`s . Do not try to tell the single mother at the end of the street with 3-children and low income to eat healthier. Our arms are up our backs and they know it. 

This article will disappear and another will replace it, all to generate Fear, and in about 2 to 3 years it will reappear just like its predecessors of Fear have done before it. We have over many years repeatedly been told at some time or other that "Everything is bad for us, but at the same time everything is good for us". I noticed the article did not mention Red Meat. Do you remember how we were told they are inoculated with various serums to guard against diseases and this medicine "COULD" get into our bodies through consumption of the meat, and have a detrimental effect on our health? 

Why does it matter what we eat or use because if, as the evidence suggests, they are raining Chem Trails down on us on a daily basis, and not for our benefit might I add, then we have no chance. Everything is just utter confusion and fear, a situation like that does not serve the human race, but it serves someone the question is who. 

Good philosophy comes out on top - "Eat and drink in moderation, and get on with your life". 
The English Cognizant Citizen

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  1. We live in the UK, we are that fed up with tasting the chemicals from tap water that we now drink rain water for our tea or coffee break.We have been told by a member of the public that rain water is bad for you and we should not drink it. Well lets see, rain water does not have a vast chemical content unlike tap water, its free, and mankind has survived many centuries drinking rain or river water. If rain water is that dangerous how did humanity get to this point in its evolution. We catch the rain water in a plastic water butt from a plastic roofed shed, the butt is sealed no insects can get in, its boiled before use so what`s the problem.For those that do not want to drink chemicals, try the rain water, it makes a nice cuppa.

  2. I forgot to mention that rain water does not coat you kettle in lime scale either. So you do not need de-scaling products.


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