Fallen Face First into a Puddle of Dark Liquid

Recently I have expressed concern that there is more to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa than we are lead to believe, after some deep thought and a little research I think I may have stumbled on a prominent link.

Firstly I worked from the point of view as indicated by a well know writer, that we should not believe that all films made are for entertainment purposes only, this to me said that hidden messages or warnings were incorporated purposely into our innocent pastime of watching TV, FILMS, or playing console games. These messages or warnings are either to waken us up to an evil agenda by the Elite few or tell us of things to come, dreadful things, things most humans could not accept.

In this article I'm going to try to link together a few events in the past and modern film industry, why story lines from yesteryears films have survived to become todays feared serious conspiracy topics, and in the process encourage people to step back and try to see the bigger picture.

The Quatermass Experiment
Starting in 1955 a SI/FI film was produced based on a TV series titled "The Quatermass Experiment. The story tells of 3-astronauts launched into space in a rocket, when the rocket returns there is only 1-astronaut inside. The surviving astronaut has been infected by an Alien organism which, if it releases spores, will engulf and destroy humanity, it soon became evident that the astronaut has been changed by something he encountered in outerspace; he can absorb any living thing he comes into contact with. The astronaut, in his panic, escapes and hides in the London docks, eventually he makes his way to a zoo where he absorbs most of the animals. Soon Quatermass tracks the stricken astronaut to Westminster Abbey where the creature/astronaut is killed by electrocution.

If we now go forward in time to 1957, another SI/FI film was produced called Quatermass 2, cutting a long story short our hero in the film Professor Quatermass, becomes interested in reports of meteorites landing in an area known as Winnerden Flats, his friend, Marsh, finds one of the meteorites which cracks open and leaves him injured with a V- shaped mark on his face. Armed guards from what turns out to be a mysterious food processing plant turns up and takes them away, these guards are afflicted with the same V-shaped injury.

As the story progresses one of Quatermass team named Broadhead slips away while on a organised tour of the food plant in an attempt to discover what's going on, Quatermass later finds him dying; covered in poisonous "BLACK SLIME" . It is later discovered that the industrial plant is indeed making food, but not for human consumption, instead, its purpose is to provide a suitable environment for Alien creatures inside the plant domes. It is later revealed that the government has also succumbed to this Alien invasion characterised by the "V" shaped injury appearing on government representatives. The ending of the film culminates in our hero firing a rocket at the Asteroid they believe the Aliens are using as a base to stage their invasion, the base is destroyed by a nuclear explosion, as a result the "V" mark disappears from all effected leaving them with no memory of being controlled by Aliens.

The Blob
In 1958, another SI/FI film production called THE BLOB, again we have a meteorite crashing to Earth, and again our hero goes to investigate but an old man gets there first, he proceeds to poke the meteorite with a stick, it breaks open and a small jelly like blob attaches itself to his hand. Anyhow, the Blob spends its time consuming people and getting bigger, eventually it is discovered that the Blob can be subdued by freezing cold, not destroyed, just subdued. The ending of the film has the Blob being airlifted to the Arctic region and parachuted into the frozen waste land. The film ends with a question mark. In 1988 a remake of The Blob was produced, the story was pretty well much the same as the 1956 version, the only difference being that the Blob could reach out with tentacles and could split up and attack multiple times.

Sixty Years Later
Certain characteristics featured in the above SI/FI production have today emerged in this modern era as theoretical and serious threats. Firstly let's take a look at Exopolotics UK and David Griffin's marvellous talk concerning the brief Falklands war between Britain and Argentina, he outlined the fact that the Falklands war was also a cover for the British to investigate the Argentine government having a Blue ET base on Thule Island. This base was said to have been destroyed by SBS and SAS commando's, there was though an apparent problem, it is said before the base was destroyed a Black Intelligent Liquid was removed. This liquid was said to have been taken to Marconi communications in the UK, eventually it was believed this Black Intelligent Liquid or Oil was responsible for the deaths of many scientific personnel at Marconi. I believe most, if not all, were listed as suicides, whatever the case it was all surrounded in mystery. It only takes a short leap of imagination to connect David Griffin`s Thule Island`s Black fluid to the Black Slime indicated in the film Quatermass 2. The Quatermass Experiment did not indicate any Black liquid as such, but portrayed one of the astronauts bringing back an Alien virus that absorbed anything it came into contact with. It's important to note in those 2-Quatermass films 2- British establishments are shown to be featured in the story line, they were Westminster Abbey and the British Government, this rang a bell with me as I remember reading about a comment by the late Tony Dodd who said in so many words "They most fear the Aliens that look like us, because they could easily get into positions of power."

Another point I would like to make is the strange "V" mark injury sustained by the victims in Quatermass 2, where have you heard that before? How about an 80`s TV series called "V" then a more modern film version in later years, this involved an Alien Reptilian Race that used us as food. This can be linked to the astronaut in the Quatermass Experiment who contracted an Alien virus and whatever living organism he touch he absorbed. Same outcome, different stories.

Cold Safety
Talking of same outcome different stories here is one interesting fact, if we look at the 1955 film The Blob, it is an Intelligent Liquid or Goo story line, but one intriguing point in the conclusion of this and the later 1988 version, was that the Blob was controlled by freezing cold, not killed just subdued. So what? you might say, it's just a story, in most cases you would be right, but if you take the time to listen to David Griffin you will see that the only way they could control the Intelligent Black Substance from Thule Island was with cold conditions. Likewise the Blob in the early film editions was dropped into the Arctic.

How strange we have all manner of Alien/ UFO stories from the bottom of the world on Antarctica, from there we have stories of secret diggings restricted areas and Nazi bases. So we have Arctic and Antarctic, are they joined through the Earth as suggested?

Zombies & Viruses
When I think of secret diggings I think of the famous X-File clip where Mulder is informed of an Alien pathogen left inside the Earth aeons ago, waiting for the return of the Alien race that left it there, then the pathogen will resurface and infect and take control of the human race, we would become "Hosts" or Zombies, strange how Zombie productions are all the go at the moment. I would like to point out that Quatermass 2 that once the Alien base had been destroyed the "V" type injury disappeared from those effected leaving them with no memory of being controlled by Alien`s, again a sort of Zombiefication, and talking of Zombies, in the most recent film World War "Z", the "Virus" word is used yet again.

Now either Hollywood and the like are running out of ideas, or someone is determined to keep the word "Virus" alive and in our heads from long ago. World War Z had the Zombie virus breaking out at several locations around the world. When I read that I immediately thought of how Ebola is being encouraged to spread by the incompetence of those in power.

Meteorites & Asteroids
Another point of interest in the Quatermass and Blob story line was the involvement of meteorites bringing a virus (Alien entity) to Earth. If you think, over the past few years we have had quite a bit of Comet and Asteroid activity some if not most shrouded in mystery, five that come to mind are Hartley 2, Vesta, Elenin and Ison, with the most recent being 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko. I do not want to get in a long discussion over comets or asteroids, I just want to point out that comets throughout history have been the portent of disaster or prophecy, as in the films Quatermass and the Blob, even though they were not comets, 2-meteorites bought death and fear to Earth , an example came in 2013 on the 15th Feb, when a meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk causing millions of dollars damage and injuring 1500-people. Some scientists believe that asteroid and meteors could be responsible in spreading life throughout the universe in a process called Panspermia as shown in our 2- SI/FI films. A more astounding but believable theory, if you look at the evidence with an open mind, is that asteroids are not lumps of rock or ice but spacecraft left over from aeons ago, which if so would answer why NASA according to internet sites has paid secret visits to certain asteroids, again wandering spacecraft from a bygone age is not impossible when you look at artefacts being discovered on Mars throughout the solar system. If it's true about the visits then what are they looking for? I personally do not believe all space projects costing millions are purely to study the Cosmos.

Terra-forming Africa
If indeed, as Gordon Duff suggests, Africa is being looked at to be terraformed to accommodate an incoming Alien race:

  • is what we are seeing now taking place in Africa the beginning of the terraforming process? 
  • is the Ebola outbreak an environmental experiment to help the Aliens to adjust to our atmosphere like in Quatermass? 
  • is Ebola the Alien? 
  • are the African people being experimented on? 
  • do they intend to wipe most of them out but they have to make it seem like a world wide threat where the place of origin suffers most with millions dying. 

When we watch the news on TV we only see what they want you to see, they repeat the news clips. How can we trust them? What is really going on in Africa? In education we use repetition to educate, to get things in our heads, just like the word "Virus" is repeated in films and media. Come to think of it, there is a large quantity of SI/FI films that want us to fear something coming from outer space, is it soon to arrive in Africa? But why tell us? Why spend years pushing a probable situation in films and other media?

Intelligent Black Nano Oil
Every time I think of the Blob being subdued by the cold my mind jumps to years later when David Griffin talks of an Intelligent Black Nano Oil or Black Goo substance which was also controlled by the cold. This Goo was alleged to have been removed from Thule Island during the Falklands war.

Further to the mystery of the Black Goo or Oil is the 2012 film Prometheus, I will not go deeply into the plot, but just read these extracts:-

"The crew are forced to return to their ship, but David secretly take a cylinder from the discovered structure while the remaining cylinders begin leaking a "DARK LIQUID".
Another line reads:- "He intentionally taints a drink with the "DARK LIQUID"
And then:- "Fifield falls face first into a puddle of "DARK LIQUID"
And lastly:- "Fifield becomes monsterously mutated. (I presume from falling into the "DARK LIQUID")

Behind the Black
What is it with this "DARK LIQUID" "GOO" or "OIL" story line? Out of curiosity I asked my wife that if she was to label Ebola with a colour, what colour would she choose?, without pausing she said "BLACK". I asked why? She replied the first letters are EBO as in EBONY and in the dictionary EBONY is hard "BLACK WOOD", and the adj is "DEEP BLACK". One last point, as most may know, the Ebola virus was named after the Ebola river meaning Black River in the local language, it's also interesting to note that in Prometheus when the Alien disintegrated his remains cascaded into a waterfall and caused a Bio-genetic reaction ???

A Plan in Progress
One thing for certain is that whether a Jelly like substance as in the Blob or a Black Liquid as in Quatermass or Dark Liquid in Prometheus and finally David Griffin`s Intelligent Nano-Oil or Black Goo, to me there is a link and a plan and it's been in progress for years. Whoever is in control, could they with events in Africa be bringing their plans to fruition, have the people of Africa in effect "Fallen Face First into a Puddle of Dark Liquid".

Just remember this, the Alien in Prometheus had plans to destroy the human race. Did they try once before in history with the "BLACK DEATH" is Ebola and the Black Death just two events in a long line of attempts to wipe out the human race?

Also and interesting article in today`s new is that
22,000 patients of a dentist have been recalled for a blood test. The health secretary was briefed on the blood borne virus which the dentist carried. They urged people not to panic ???? But they refuse to give any details of the virus other than its not HIV, I smell a rat, if its nothing to panic over why not give us the details, and why the need to brief the health secretary unless there is potential danger. They are using the fact that in 2012 49,000-people were recalled over hip replacement problem to say there is nothing to worry about, but in today`s Ebola environment one has to wonder.



If there is such a threat just how much longer can it be kept from the masses? the words of Carol Rosin keep ringing in my head where she quotes Werner Von Braun saying, "The last card will be the Alien card". Amazingly the Alien situation will not go away and appears to be gaining momentum at an alarming rate. What is the truth ? as Von Braun also stated that the hostile Alien scenario was a lie, a false flag, the description of Black Intelligent Goo though does give a picture of utter terror, the thoughts of such an entity creeping upon you while you sleep does not make for a good nights rest. If such a Black Goo exists beneath our feet, then it makes me wonder about some of the noises we here coming from underground, is the invasion under preparation. As stated by an interviewer this Black Goo was seen to come from the ground then re-enter.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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