The Truth in Films

Is this Hollywood just being Hollywood, or is there more to it, they seem to be moving with the times, or are they directing the times? 

Notice what is written on the statue of Superman.

This morning I skipped through a video on ATS titled Kung Fury , thinking I was going to see martial arts action, it was the human looking animation type of film as in video games. But through out the various sequences there were scenes of cross violence, heads being shot of, someone being cut into with a sword side on through the head and part of the body. The person who posted this said "Everything you have ever wanted to see in a movie, sit back and enjoy" the commenter`s agreed.

 Everything today in entertainment is geared to extreme violence and gruesome brutality, it all seems as though we are entertaining a different species of human, a species that thrives on the suffering of the real human, a species that laughs and giggles as they slaughter people in real life and in video games. Is this the start, is this the creeping invasion and ultimate destruction of the Human Race by an entity so vile it will stop at nothing in order to bathe in blood lust and fear, there are enough humans on this world to keep this entity entertained for many years to come . To anyone willing to look I would say "Step back and take a good long hard look at the direction society is taking, think about everything in the movie and games industry, think about events around the world, think about sickening new trends, think about cruelty to children then tell me if you think there is nothing to worry about, tell me everything even in the face of all the blood shed, all is fine. Then I will tell you........YOU ARE NOT HUMAN.

Has the Reptilian gene been switched on ????????????


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