What's it all about Mr Duff?

Again I must quote Gordon Duff of Veterans Today as he is supposed to, by all accounts, be someone in the `Know`. The bit of his knowledge that interests me is what he knows of the Alien situation, he stated on video that treaty`s had been made with 3-Alien Races, Now Mr Duff again on video told us that there was an organisation on this world of ours that was looking at farming output, and areas where an incoming Alien Race could be re-homed, something akin to Battlestar Galactica. Some of you may be inclined to say `rubbish` but lets take a look at GM foods, why the fight to introduce GM foods?, we are told there would be more food for everyone and still some, basically to me GM products have been altered to make crops to be better protected from disease and other problems thus allowing more crops to be produced and sold, Could it be that the push for GM foods revolves around out Alien settlers, to provide them with much needed sustenance because apparently they could arrive in their millions, is that why as Mr Duff states the large massive continent of Africa is one of the places being looked at for Alien resettlement. Ever since Mr Duffs words Africa has not been out of the news, all manner of turmoil now plagues that country. 

Mr Duff tells us that soon we will be told about Aliens in the most falsified terms possible, in the dictionary falsify is to `mislead`. 

I cannot really think how they would do that unless the Aliens looked like Chinese, and they said China had broken all protocol and had invaded several African countries. Immediately a fake news and political system would kick in where we see the West threatens China with sanctions and possible war for their intrusion, China all along playing the `game` of tit-for-tat with the West. Then after a few years everything will quieten down, China will keep the African countries, but in actual fact they will not be Chinese they will be Aliens that look Chinese. we would a have been mislead, we would have succumbed to falsified terms. Please think about this, China a few years back has built a massive amount of apartments in Africa . A BBC News report from 2012 July 3 titled `Angola`s Chinese Build Ghost Towns`. The report outline the fact that some 18-miles outside Angola`s capital there is a brand new mixed residential development of 750 eight storey apartment buildings (actually they look like 10-storey) a dozen schools and a hundred retail units, and designed for up to half a million people when complete. Spanning some 12,355 acres the development is the largest of several satellite cities being constructed by Chinese firms around Angola. It went on to say not many had been sold as the price is out of range for 2-thirds of Angolan`s who live on less than $2 a week. At the end of the report someone makes a comment where they say...."I do not think many places in the world can afford to actually displace and re-house whole populations of cities" an interesting comment perhaps they were really built to re-house refugees from another world . 

Recently I watched a Si/Fi TV movie about a potential Alien invasion (I was looking for truth put in films as they say) one point in the film did make me think about Chem-Trails. The Aliens looked just like us the only problem they had was that they needed more nitrogen in their bodily system than we had in our atmosphere, so they were forced to use asthma inhalers filled with nitrogen to keep their system topped up to a safe level. Are chem-trails being used to make our climate more acceptable to Alien physiology?, in fact do all our troubles world wide revolve around this incoming Alien Race situation. It all sound interesting but you see there is a slight problem Mr Duff tells us that the information he puts out is tinged with disinformation, and we are supposed to read between the lines , I think he does it this way to stay safe. 

So! is there an incoming Alien Race soon to invest in Earthly property? Time will tell. Watch Africa.

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