Alien Abduction/Animal Mutilations and More

I have always known about mind control but I have not given much thought to how advanced they could be. The link I sent you certainly woke me up, if as spoke of on the RT video that they could with implanted chips or nano-technology, know our thoughts, look through our eyes and play short films in our heads, in other words make us see what they want us to see, then one has to wonder about certain paranormal events, events that seem unsolvable. Now even though I firmly believe Alien Races frequented Mother Earth for quite some time throughout history and modern day, I`m drawn to ask one or two questions concerning Alien Abductions. My first question is:- 

Alien Abduction
What if the whole Alien Abduction scenario is a massive experiment in mind/reality control using Alien technology, it appears the possibility is there to make us think we have been abducted and experimented on. Or people are abducted, and the Aliens working in agreement with the secret government implant their victims of abduction with nano - technology that allows them to be tracked and see how they are coping while administering adjustments as part of the mind control agenda. I have wondered how many people to date have had abduction experiences, I`m willing to bet its quite a large number. It's said Alien abduction can ruin people's lives, it's also stated that mind control experiments ruin lives . When an abduction takes place there is nothing we can hold on to, nothing we can bring back as proof, to say, "This actually happened" The only thing an abductee brings back is a horrible sense of intrusion and personal violation and the only place that sits is in the mind (everything in the mind is real) and not many people believe you when you try to tell them. When you do an experiment you need test subjects in the laboratory, and then if things look favourable you need to try it in the field, is this what Alien Abductions are how, looking at things from a mind control point of view, do we know that the Aliens we see are for real, could they be what we are programmed to see, also on occasions military personnel have been seen when abductions take place. Is this further proof of military/alien co-operation in the mind control agenda. Do the Aliens really exist or has it been put into our heads when abductions take place. I have wanted to be abducted, but as yet nothing, why are some people chosen and others not, this to me does not seem like an Alien agenda but more of a Human Alien assisted agenda. If this was just Aliens they would just go from one person to the next until the whole country was implanted with control technology. No! this is a human agenda because they are picky about who is abducted, to me that is a human trait especially when conducting experiments. Remember the sci/fi film `The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers` where the Aliens would wait for you to fall asleep then an exact replica of you would emerge from large pods left where you slept, by the Aliens. (Wikipedia say`s) The emerging replica`s would have the physical characteristics, memories, and personalities of each sleeping person, but they would be devoid of all human emotion. After the take over the Aliens explain that life loses its frustrating complexity, because all emotions and sense of individuality vanish, strange is it not that most abductions take place while we sleep. This film to me sounds very much like an introduction of things to come, again is the truth put into films as a warning or a blatant "This is what we intend to do and you cannot stop us, you can try to stop us, we want you to try but we will be resourceful we will learn from your attempts and safe guard our agenda accordingly making us even stronger in our pursuance of total control". If they start early the more readily we will accept being controlled, in fact I doubt whether anyone will even notice that they are being controlled, such is this creeping menace. 

Paranormal Events

We have many paranormal events, most are spontaneous and happen right out of the blue, from ghosts to weird creatures to space craft to things going bump in the night even the nightmares when we sleep. How many of these are due to the intrusion of mind control experiments, how do I know the ghost I see is a real ghost, again everything I see in the paranormal is untouchable and its always been this way even in this modern age, no one can catch a ghost or shoot a werewolf. If people are unknowingly implanted with nano-technology is this done through vaccinations or even medical operations, I have had a hip replacement, how do I know whether or not I was implanted with a nano-chip later to be turned on for some nefarious reason. Which brings to question the topic of spontaneous suicide, a few years back close to where I live (about a mile and half away) a young woman who had been out shopping with her family suddenly climbed onto a bridge they were crossing and jumped to her death. Her family said she did not have any problems, and like many other incidents they all go quiet, I`m sure most of you know of an unusual suicide story. Without thinking we all accept what we are told about people who commit suicide and that is they had mental problems, but did they. Schizophrenia/voices in the head, is this really an illness or a targeted individual by the mind/reality control establishment. We have people murdering other people and not knowing why they have done it, we have thousands of accidents throughout the world, how many are real and how many are controlled? If they are as advanced in mind/reality control as we are lead to believe then what chance do we have of ever knowing true reality, if there is such a thing. Do I do the things I want to do because I want to do them, or is my reality controlled from birth. 

Strange Animal Mutilations

In the case of animal mutilations we can see that an attack has taken place, we can touch the dead animal, but one tantalizing fact eludes us and that is the perpetrator the culprit of these attacks. There are many theories to the cause of animal mutilations but by far the most favourite is the Alien, again that creature that`s always in our minds years after year, but no Alien has yet been caught or arrested (or into days world shot) for committing these attacks. 

Paranormal Similarities

All paranormal events have the same aspect, and that is some of it or all of it is untouchable, is that because it's in our minds it's been put there by a force known or unknown for whatever reason. Some people say if the Aliens are so clever why did they not take us over before we became technologically advanced. Well perhaps they did, perhaps they implemented mind/reality control centuries ago and steered us gradually over many centuries in the direction to where we are today. The powers that be are said to be in control and are responsible for everything that befalls human kind, but are they, are they victims just like us, used by some vastly superior entity to assist in achieving its goal. Remember if you want total control you start at the top, you let the powers that be think they are in control, you let them think everything they do they have thought up themselves, but all the time this entity is pulling the strings adjusting and changing reality. 

The Real Question
The big question is why would some entity, and for what reason want to rule the masses, why do they or it want us thinking the same, no diversity, the hive mentality. If this is a single entity then something tells me it is not like us, it has no physical attributes, fingers hand eyes and so on, it cannot do things in the physical world for its self but it does have mind/reality control so it can manipulate reality to get others to do things for it, and it is totally selfish, so is the human race advancing on its own or are we being manipulated by a Queen Bee a vastly superior intelligence, are we following instructions in a controlled reality, instructions that will allow the manipulator of our reality to reach its goal. We use animals to assist us in our everyday lives, likewise are we being used, if we take an animal like a Sheepdog, from a pup we will work with this animal, train it, bring it up to perfection for it to assist us in our farming life, to obey commands, to do things the human could not do, and at the end of it all does the Sheepdog know it's being used. Did some roaming intelligence without physical form, long ago, recognize our potential and got us to do what it could not do and all the time keeping its goal secret. But if there is a Queen Bee overlord did it make one vital mistake? as it manipulated us to do its bidding it missed the fact that the human, along the way, would become extremely intelligent and may have rumbled the fact that we are being controlled and are 
starting to waken up.

One thing for sure is that the subject of mind/reality control technology and it's ever progressing advancements needs to be looked at in great seriousness. I hope my writing prompts people to think about the subject.

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