Running in Circles

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of UFO and paranormal researchers, thousands of hours of videos and interviews, millions of documents and testimonies by people from all walks of life concerning abductions sightings and encounters. Yet we still have no solid definitive proof of Alien life forms and their machines, something to touch and hold, a UFO to walk inside, to talk with the occupants, to touch them and their machinery. 

This may have happened to the individual, but to get the message across it needs to happen to thousands upon thousands of people at the same time. But at this moment that ideal scenario seems a long way off, purely because we appear, or should I say, life appears, to be running in circles decade after decade. Imagine humanity is the ball on a Roulette Wheel that ball keeps dropping in every slot except the one labelled Disclosure, all the other slots represent the many aspects of life. 

So with that in mind just step back and look at the whole picture of life on this world, something is not right, everything is going in circles. Everyone knows by now that war and fighting dominate this world, year after year thousands are murdered in pointless orchestrated conflicts, news items of fear are regurgitated in an endless stream, the internet is full of potential threats to humanity none of which come to fruition. 

How many times do we have read that the end of humanity is just around the corner? Politicians spout the same rubbish time and again, they just talk, talk and talk and criticise the other parties, they appear, or want to appear, they are doing something. You are encouraged to vote when elections are on the agenda, but they really do not care about your vote they just want you to play the game. I have noticed how films and TV episodes are re-done or told for the next generation, many times I have asked myself why are they doing a particular series again because they did that story years ago, it is really for the next generation of prisoners. I say prisoners because that`s what it appears like, we are being kept busy, occupied, the same hard labour of breaking rocks, keeping our eyes to the ground and asking no questions. 

If this is the case and we are being kept busy, does this imply that our reality is controlled, as I have stated above the fight for UFO and paranormal disclosure is endless without any conclusion in sight, how many more years will this go on for? If reality is controlled then who is doing it and why, who wants to keep us here? Yes we are dangerous, that could be a very good reason, perhaps we carry a parasite of murderous hate that needs to be cured before we travel the Universe? At the moment we appear to be acting like children left home alone, Mom and Dad have locked the kids in while they nip off somewhere, the only problem is the kids are wrecking the house. The truth is just that, bored kids do wreck houses, and most of the time the big kids rule the little ones. Too often in society we see young people traumatized by the fact that they do not know or have any real parents, is that how the human race is? is humanity traumatized by the fact we do not know where we come from, who our parents/guardians are. 

This asks the question that if we could get that Roulette Ball to drop into the Disclosure slot, to know our true history, to find out where we belong, and to know we are not alone, would we be overcome with a great sense of relief and peace, would our continuous repetitive murderous reality forever be changed for the good. Will these revelations help the children grow up well-adjusted and ready to venture out into the Cosmos? 

It is my belief that our reality is controlled by the big kids in the house, they have discovered by rooting in the cupboards of life Mom and Dads/Guardians secrets, they have learned how to use those secrets, they have created a reality for themselves far above what the little children know, they have unlocked the door to the house and have ventured out, something their parents did not want them to do. They have traveled to Mars the Moon and many other places, building an empire, a secret space program that is involved in a space war, is this space war because the parents have come home and are not pleased that some of their children have found the key to the door? 

Our reality is definitely controlled so that the small kids are kept in the play pen running in circles, the big kids are doing the controlling, the question is how do we get to enlightenment to know our true history to know what the big kids know. I think it will eventually be down to our parents or guardians (Aliens), it will be down to them to snap that circle of deceit that has had us running in circles for years, I do not know how they will do it but they will, and that`s because the people in power here on planet Earth have lost our trust, once we know all that is hidden the big kids will lose their power and hopefully peace will reign. 

I would like to think that time is fast approaching, because just how much more can this world take? Our Guardians had better make their move soon because the kids are about to burn the house down.


ARCHONS, MIND CONTROL, AND A MOM! A path to enlightenment!

Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-Up

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