It Comes to your DOOR

Something is snatching our cats right from their very front door. Something so fearful it is making them scream before they vanish, never to be seen again, except, perhaps, for scattered body parts days later.

I kid you not. This is real. This is happening. This is taking place during the night while you are sleeping.

Croydon UK is in the grip of an absolute unholy nightmare. The sickening serial murders of cats which began in South London have become a national epidemic – with up to 100 pets around the country now thought to have been slain. The terror is growing as the body's pile up. The fear is exacerbated by anxiety and loss as the incomprehensible becomes impossible to ignore and bizarre theories begin their circulation while neighbours look to others to blame for the strange and bloody mutilations happening around them. And in a further shocking development, animals in Coventry, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire and Brighton have also been butchered in a manner suspiciously similar to the London deaths. The killer’s trademark is to capture and execute the animals before dumping their bodies near the family home to be discovered by horrified owners, often with the head and tail removed and taken as trophies. Many of the attacks are truly chilling in their brutality.

The police have been working alongside animal shelter South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), and the RSPCA. The RSPCA is at breaking point over the deluge of bogus reports which are continuing to roll in and are proving a distraction to investigators who are hell-bent on catching the vicious perpetrator.
"We have ruled out several bizarre alternatives from people collecting cat whiskers to aliens, it has got a bit out of hand with who they think it is. But the reports have taken a darker turn - with some people trying to frame others as the notorious cat killer. There are people dropping a neighbour in that they don't like or trying to get back at an ex and when we follow it up it turns out it was just a domestic situation"
SNARL says:-
"If you live in Greater London you are currently living in a high risk area for these killings. However, we also now want to know about any cats, foxes or birds found with the following combination of injuries from Manchester down to the South Coast: Decapitations/ removal of tail/ removal of paws/ any combination of these. Please note that a high number of birds found decapitated are caused by predation injury, but we have one case of an owl who was decapitated in East London with a bladed instrument so we would rather know about them all."
The Croydon Guardian first revealed fears a sick killer was preying on cats in October 2015 and the growing body count has since attracted national media attention, including in The Independent, The Sun and on the BBC. "It has been going on a long time and we are a bit surprised that we haven't had more tip-offs. We take the matter very seriously and the police are leading it because obviously there is a man with a knife running around an urban environment, the person dubbed by some as 'Jack the Rip-purr'".

Authorities are snatching at logical conclusions.:- 
"Pets were believed to have been lured into a vehicle with food treats, with the attacker deliberately picking spots not covered by CCTV."
"A breakthrough has been made in the hunt for the Croydon cat killer after tests confirmed mutilated pets had died at the hands of humans, the RSPCA has claimed. Scientific analysis of several headless cats found dumped across south London suggests the victims had been mowed down by a car before being decapitated, according to the charity."
"The RSPCA, which initially suggested foxes could be behind the deaths, post-mortem examinations conducted by specialist vets and forensic experts suggested human involvement. Examination of the bodies we have received showed that the heads and tails appear to have been removed by a human, after death. He has a very distinctive way of killing them, a very distinctive way of making the cuts. "
But South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), a shelter which initiated an investigation into the deaths and has been orchestrating efforts to protect pets, said it doubted the RSPCA's findings. The group wrote on Facebook:- 
"Our vet does not agree with these findings and as he has seen three times the number of bodies the RSPCA has, we are inclined to agree with him. Just because some of the deaths are unexplained, doesn't mean that a particular theory is appropriate to hang your hat on".
A vet, who wished to remain anonymous, told the BBC he was able to link 10 of the deaths out of the 16 bodies he had examined so far.

He revealed that in the past two cases raw chicken had been found in the cats' stomachs, suggesting the killer had used the meat to lure in the animals.The vet told the BBC:-
"I think they are being strangled and then taken off-site to be butchered, and then the bodies are being returned and dumped, that is why there is no blood found at the scene. My fear initially was the cats were being hacked to death because the cuts were really random but the incisions have become much more precise, which suggests they are being killed first.
When reports of the spree of deaths hit the headlines, skeptics blamed foxes and other wild animals for inflicting the injuries on the cats.  I think part of the problem is that the thought that somebody is going round and deliberately doing this is so scary to some people that they would much rather think it was foxes or aliens".
Personally I would rather the problem lay with a human entity rather than an alien entity, at least then we would be on a level playing field. 

Comments taken from SNARL
  1. I had no idea of this until I had lost my own cat and started using Facebook lost and found pages. Weird thing is though, there have been many pet abductions and so many cats have gone missing all at once lately so I was starting to think there was more to it before reading about this particular one. I can't believe how many cats are strangely disappearing. Four just from my street in fact. So many others in surrounding areas too. I live in Barry, vale of Glamorgan. There has been reports in my area of a man, I think alone, in a white van going around door to door posing as selling mattresses just to note if the home has a dog inside and then later going back and throwing food to them when they are out in their gardens. The food is preloaded with a sedative which aids this man to steal the dog and get it into his van. Another horrific incident in Swansea, a man, also alone, broke into someone's house and stole multiple dogs, one was due to give birth, another dog and also a full litter of puppies but left the mum behind. Sadly, there was a poor pregnant dog of the same breed as the stolen one found somewhere in a bin inside a child's play area. The newest one I've seen was in Port Talbot where two young lads had broken in to a cat rehoming centre and all the elderly cats they had in that particular section were missing along with one large cage. Unfortunately one of the cats was found dead in a nearby lane. I'm not 100% sure if any of this stuff is connected in any way but I was thinking, are all these body parts etc all from cats that resided in the places they were all found? Or could it be that they are taken from anywhere and scattered at random places as well as targeted ones? My cat disappeared at around 1am and I heard her screams outside. She was gone by the time I opened my door. 
  2. I thought that my beloved cat that I had had for 18 years had been attacked & half eaten by foxes.But my son recognised that he may have been a victim of the cat killer! His head, front paws & tail were missing and nowhere to be found! He was missing for four days, then suddenly his remains where left on the lawn, in full view from the house! This sick evil bastard needs to be stopped, he has now killed over 200 !!!!!!!
  3. On 23 July 2015 I came home from work at 2pm and as I walked up my garden path I saw a dead kitten (approximately 3-4 months old black/tortoiseshell). It had been beheaded, it was very traumatic for me and I had to get my neighbour to remove it as I just couldn't have done it myself. It was the way it had been positioned like it was sleeping which I found very suspicious and there was no signs of blood anywhere. When I told other people about it they said it was more than likely that a dog or fox had killed it so I convinced myself that was how the poor creature had perished, even though I still had a sneaking position this was done by someone (not an animal) as there was no other signs of injury. Whoever killed the kitten obviously though it lived at my house as I had seen it in my garden before, it must have belonged to someone local.
  4. It’s more than likely these cats that are being targeted are of a friendly nature as they are the ones that will want you to stroke or pet them (making it easy for the person to snatch them).  I have now noticed that other cats I used to see before have disappeared and I hope they have not fallen prey to this persons sick and twisted fantasies.
  5. I have read that the sicko is luring the victims by feeding chicken, but I still don't see how they are catching them!
  6. We have also had cases of that down here in Eastbourne.going back 5 yrs , and as far as I know nobody has been caught for it. even now cats are going missing but, we cant say there being taken or wandering off but the numbers are getting higher.. and to go with it. we don't know who or why! 
  7. There has been cats with similar injuries in Telford !!
  8. Still feel guilty because she was in garden at 9.30 let her stay out a little longer cos she had a mouse..10.30 didnt return. Found a week later head and tail missing in another road.
  9. This is also happening in Birmingham a decapitated cat left on somebody's door step in Erdington and a decapitated dog found in a pond.
  10. I know someone that found a cats leg in their Garden- Guildford she didnt find the rest of it, but I dont think it would have lived through that.
  11. There was a cat found in the Newquay area early this year. Same injuries, I remember thinking the sicko must be on holiday, nothing in the area since.
  12. I've just lost a kitten and a full grown male cat in a month. I live in a rural village in Essex called Matching Green. No one has seen them.
  13. Some of the feral cats that Ive been feeding for three years have disappeared.
  14. I've just looked back on posts over the last few days & bloody hell he's getting about. Seems more than one a day in all areas not local to each other! How on earth is he doing it at this rate I'm not even convinced he has a job anymore.
  15. How do they know which house the cat actually lives at if its someone who travels?, it could be a cat killing network of people who are in contact with each other. The mind boggles
  16. What I don't understand is how no one sees/hears him. You are right, he must be accessing people's gardens which confirms to me what I've thought all along, I think there must be a link. Do all the owners shop at a particular Pet Store for example? I just don't believe the killings are totally random. I mean if the bunny had been stolen from a garden, how did he know it was there? He must have known that the household had a rabbit.
  17. I hate to sound like the "crazy guy" on this thread, but I feel obliged to inform your community that the pattern of bloodless, severed animal mutilations is part of a wide spread global phenomenon that dates back decades, if not hundreds of years, and is well documented by investigator Linda Moulton Howe. Regardless of whether or not you agree with her conclusions, the research she has done on this is top notch, and she has been extremely helpful to local law enforcement. Meanwhile, the town of Denton Texas in the US is also currently experiencing the EXACT same phenomena.
  18. My god this vile sicko is getting more prolific can't believe it's still out there, do you think it's just one, or some weird group who work together from across the country? It's beyond belief.
  19. Is there never any CCTV footage on one of these roads at all where an attack happens? there have been so many attacks now. Not once a similar vehicle on CCTV has been spotted appearing at these different locations, this country has more CCTV than anywhere else in the world. 
  20. Omg, Westerham and two other places further away yesterday? Now this at Wallington, wtf is he on/in to get around the uk so pdq?
COMMENT about Newspaper Articles
For one brief moment when I saw the title I thought people were starting to wake up and were thinking out of the box. Alas that was not to be, just a few crazy comments about immigrants and the problem (to the sleeping masses) seems to be solved. To those of you who are willing to read what I write please take a step back and `Think ! ...........There has to date been no one caught for these atrocities to our pets, mutilated pets are sometimes left on or near the pet owners garden, there is no blood, this phenomena moves from town to town and city to city and these mutilations are happening on a world wide scale.

There are hundreds if not thousands of animals killed in this manner, so will you well informed people in the comments section please tell me, who, besides the daft comment `Some bloke with a knife` is committing these mutilations ? Who has access to any place in the world, who can kill a hundred cats and not be seen ? , just think about it `no one sees anything`.

I`ve got news for you `some one always sees something` but obviously not when it comes to animal mutilations in the community, ask yourself `Why `?
Even the Police and Police of other countries also the R.S.P.C.A are baffled by these attacks, ask yourself why can the Police not get a lead to who is committing these crimes. They have no problem solving a whole host of other crimes but are stumped when it comes to animal mutilations.

Whatever is doing this does so in the blink of an eye, it may not be Aliens from outer space , it could be something more sinister we have yet to encounter (in person). Either way whether Aliens or something else the mutilations will continue and no one will be caught.


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  1. I find the Vets comment interesting, its just above the comments from `SNARL`
    The Vet states that he would rather the problem of these killings lay with Humans than Aliens as at least we would be on a level playing field.
    Methinks the Vet is doubting that Humans are the cause of these mutilations, this Vet clearly suspects something other than Humans are involved, as he would `rather it be` Humans.


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