Phenomena over New Zealand

It has changed location. The phenomena that has seen cats mysteriously disappearing in clusters all over the world has now settled over New Zealand. Pets have been vanishing in the towns of Temuka, Timaru & Wanganui, an area covering the lower and upper areas of the islands.
"Dozens have been disappearing and it's been happening week-after-week. Their fate unknown and leaving their owners with no closure. One cat survived and Sparkles has now become a very expensive tabby spending almost a month at a vet. Forty percent of her skin had been completely burned, including her armpit, and her whiskers were blackened. Her treatment is not over yet and the verdict is she may have been set on fire."
Strangely disappearing cats has been a phenomena in America and Britain, with articles appearing in newspapers around the world as the numbers of missing cats grow. The injuries of NZ Sparkles is similar to that of UK Ipswich cats who suffered "a catalogue of cruel injuries after disappearing on Sunday evening. When he came back he was limping, he was covered in faeces and he was absolutely terrified, his whiskers had been burned, there was a large chunk of fur that seemed to have been ripped out and when I took him to the vets they said it looked like he had been kicked around like a football. Other group members had been forced to put their cat down after returning with serious injuries. One owner lost all three of his pets in a single week."

Croydon UK is also currently in the grip of an unholy nightmare where cats are disappearing in the few seconds that it takes to run to the front door. "My cat disappeared at around 1am and I heard her screams outside. She was gone by the time I opened my door." 

Desperate people have bizarre theories as to what is causing the distressing phenomena, blaming neighbours, ex-partners, and aliens, while the authorities are scratching their heads and making logical conclusions and blaming a very clever psychopath who knows the locations of all CCTV's.

If New Zealand is suffering the same fate as the UK the problem is not going to go away in a hurry. 

You MUST keep vigil, especially if your cat is outside, do not let your pet out of your sight. To be kept indoors is the only guarantee that your cat will be safe. 

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  1. The `Problem`as you so rightly call it has accesses to anywhere in the world, but it does not need a jet airliner a boat, train or car. It can move as and when it wants, anytime any place and even multiple places at the same time. But how do you explain this to a public that can see no further than immigrants and some idiot with a knife as to being the cause behind the mutilation of our pets. We have no chance of fighting this until people start to waken up and face the fact that there is something very sinister behind these animal deaths and disappearances `and its not human`.


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