Could this be how cats are disappearing?

Hundreds of Irish Cats have mysteriously disappeared, could a recent video be the actual documentation of one cat who simply vanished.

I have always felt something reaches in and takes our animals. A portal is opened in-front of the animals and they just walk in, like a trap. The cat in the video can be seen meandering along a garden path before being alerted by something and it momentarily turns around, before jumping into oblivion. 

Have we just witnessed a cat abduction?

Some cats who disappear mysteriously manage to survive but return in a shocked and terrified state, at times with missing or burnt fur, but sadly most do not survive and their mutilated remains are returned back through that portal to be discovered by horrified owners. 

The cat in the film needs to be traced and to see if it returned to its owner, the only other thing it could be is, like they said, is a fault in the camera.

An odd piece of footage from a home security system in Ireland shows a cat walking into a backyard and then seemingly vanishing into thin air, leaving some to wonder if it was an apparition. The spooky video was posted to Reddit last week by the bewildered homeowner who insisted that the footage was genuine and not edited in any way.

The scene is fairly straightforward, as far as ghost videos go, as it simply shows the cat meander onto the man's patio in the middle of the night before jumping onto his lawn and seemingly dematerializing in the process. Until similar videos that pop up online with dubious origins that provide almost no means for further investigation, in this instance, the individual behind the footage thankfully stuck around on Reddit to answer questions from users.

While a number of people were convinced that the oddity was a ghost cat, advising him to move out or congratulating on his new paranormal pet, others weren't quite as convinced. In response to the suggestion that the creature had merely disappeared into some shrubs at the edge of the patio, the man said that the plants there are quite small and that they "aren't really bushes that things can hide in."

A total of 38 cats have gone missing in Ireland since July 2017 with the most recent reported disappearance on Sunday in Banbridge. Gerard Redmond lost his first cat Alan last November but he only became concerned when two-year-old Dermot vanished in broad daylight in September, just six days after another, Bruce, went missing.Mr Redmond had let Bruce go out into the back garden of his home on the Fullerton Road in Newry at around 1pm. Within 30 minutes he was gone.

Emma O'Hare from Pet Connection in Newry warned cat owners to keep their beloved pets indoors for the foreseeable future due to the high volume of incidents. She said six cats went missing within a square mile radius in a single week. She is compiling a database in order to present evidence to the police and has vowed to look into all cases. In the past few months 260 cats have disappeared from their homes.
"I put a post on Facebook directly asking if any other cats were missing and the amount of people who responded was shocking. It's only now that I realise it's a widespread problem," she said.
"Although there are no bodies turning up in Northern Ireland, we are really worried it is something similar," she said.

"They are just vanishing, not one has shown up (dead or alive) - that's what is so strange about it.

What does Lynn from Psychic Focus say about the ghost cat?
Q. Hi Lynn, Is this really a vanishing cat, ghost cat or just a technical glitch in the system? This was caught on video in Ireland, where there are hundreds of cats simply disappearing. Is this connected?

A. I get this was authentic, and we are witnessing a cat that manifested itself to where it could be seen in the 3D, and then later shifted back to the spirit realm.



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  1. Sorry Lynn but that cat in the video either walked through a portal or it was a fault with the camera. If it was the camera at fault it would be easy to duplicate the event by getting a cat to walk in that direction at the same time of night, or a human come to that. I do not believe that was a ghost cat in the video. Cats are clever but I do not believe they have the ability to manifest their presence on a whim in someones back garden.


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