Sunspot, NM Observatory Secret Business

The mystery surrounding the evacuation of a small mountainous area in Southern New Mexico has led to a lot of conspiracy theories.

Q: In Sunspot, NM they did an evacuation. The Observatory has been blocked off with yellow tape. Can you see what is going on there?

A: I received several emails on this, and wanted to take a look at it. I did read the brief article above to better understand and tune into this situation. As I tune into this, I feel like everyone wants to look up to the sky (I mean this is an Observatory), but I actually want to look underground. As I remotely see myself there, people that have physically come there are looking upward, trying to see if there is something in the sky or near the sun, but I have the emotion that I need to back up and look down at the ground (as if I want to look "through" the ground at something beneath it). 

I get that the Observatory is sort of a "cover" for a bigger operation that is going on. It looks like there is some kind of underground base or testing that happens, and the is Observatory placed upon it. Think of this as a "mini" area 51. There is a lot of UFO activity in this area, so the Observatory also serves the purpose of being able to watch what is going on above as well. 

As I look underground, I get there is a fairly large study of ETs going on. I hear the facility needed to be underground for security and also to dull the ability of other ETs to sense what was going on (and possibly come for a rescue). I see they had some ETs that look to either be frozen or perhaps deceased (they are floating in water). I also see another that looks to to be in a glass cage. The being looks to be a grey, and fairly submissive (then I hear the phrase "not by choice, but by force"). It looks like many tests are being done on him (I see what looks like some kind of patches on his head that can send/receive messages wirelessly). 

It looks as though there was a breach in security that allowed the Grey to escape. He really is very intelligent, and should not have been underestimated. When he escaped and made it outside, he was able to "call" a fellow ship to get him. At the time of the escape, people were evacuated and they closed down the Observatory in fear of a retaliation. I get this location is monitored remotely, as they feel some kind of interaction is imminent. I see this facility being closed for a while until they can be sure they are safe and secure. When it finally reopens, I get there will be a "remodel" with enhanced security and upgrades. 

Please send some positive vibes to this area as it feels like some low vibe activity was occurring.


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