Champagne of Knowledge

About ten years ago I started to notice how the Alien started to crop up in our everyday lives. The first thing to catch my eyes all those years back was a large bill board on my way to work showing a UFO in the scene, this same advert was also shown on TV. 
Then we have the Space Invader crispy snacks, they are still going strong. 
Then I became aware that schools had succumbed to this secret invasion. A work colleague informed me that his daughter’s class at school had to do an Alien project. This involved drawing what they thought an Alien might look like and also making an Alien mask. 
My son also reported that on his journey`s he noticed in our local town that the windows of a school were festooned with Alien pictures, these were facing outwards for everyone to see. I was also assured by certain people I wrote to that the same was taking place in other schools. 
The Alien eventually found its way into young children`s story books. We used to receive small monthly book catalogue which sold books cheaply, the children`s section contained various adventures involving children as the hero`s and there was always three or four books to do with outer space and Aliens, more in some editions. 
Now we have Alien toys of one kind or another, they can crop up anywhere even on key rings.
But the best in your face Aliens are the now well know Argos Catalogue Aliens. To be exact they are a family, Rufus, Astrid, Mum and Dad, the advertising logo said "Just Landed". Now you can purchase those Aliens and bring them into your family circle, and while your children play with them you can all get used to the features of these Aliens and except them as normal, especially the fact that they come from another world. Is this an unacknowledged acceptance of their existence gradually creeping to the fore? Thousands upon thousands of people use Argos, talk about reaching the masses with a message! 
We were watching a TV movie, the story was a murder mystery set in the film industry. This particular scene was set at a film studio, and the background characters walking by were, yes you have guessed it, two of what you could only term as Alien Greys, not two monkey`s, not a cowboy and an Indian, not two dancers, just two Aliens! 
Things have certainly changed, is it by accident? Is it done on purpose? Or is it meant to go this way? Are we being directed to accept the Alien because quite soon we will meet them thus starting a new beginning? Is this to be an age of enlightenment for human kind?
I hope so… I get this feeling we cannot go much further, everything just seems to be going in circles, human kind appears to be banging its head against a wall, waiting… waiting for the cork to pop on a champagne of knowledge that has been kept from us for a long time.
The English Cognizant Citizen


  1. Remember-
    The advancement of the evolutionary model does not favour Mercy as an attribute-
    Such was the Roman Empire
    and so are the Imperialistic nations currently dominating the world.

    PC thinking has a pretense of mercy but it is obviously a velvet glove on an iron fist.

    At any rate,
    on a simplistic biological level,
    the most efficient life forms on earth are RUTHLESS-
    Insects and viruses.

    Reptiles are not known for their compassion,either.

    Why do you assume that they would see us as anything other than competition for resources or a potentially hostile enemy?

    Humanity is far closer to Klingons than Vulcans,to borrow from
    Star Trek terminology.

    Assume nothing.

    I can say more but I will only say that intellectualism is ultimately brutal in practice-
    socialism in its most absolute forms has resulted in more sheer genocide of its own people than anything else in human history...
    INCLUDING "religion".

  2. J Griffin,my post was mainly to point out how the Alien has gradually crept into our lives, from story books to films, the media and merchandise.I do not assume that they (Alien races)would see us as friendly, in fact if they have done there homework they will see the opposite is true.I stated would we soon be meeting them (Aliens) and would this be a new beginning and is this to be an age of enlightenment for human kind.
    I`m well aware that enlightenment comes in many forms.You could be enlightened to know that said Aliens are just like us, or they are more spiritual, but equally they could be more ruthless than we could ever imagine. Enlightenment can be for the good or the bad ,or a mixture of both, either way you find out the truth.
    The English Cognizant Citizen


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